I am involved in a really special personal development process of my customers. It is that special, that customers frequently offer me a full-time position within their company. Since I care so much about my customers, I would really love to do this in almost all cases. 


But I don't.

I don't because I am at my best in the middle of varying branches and unique entrepreneurs. And moreover, I don't because in that case I cannot be of any value for you anymore. To solve this gap, my service 'A Question A Day' has evolved as a matter of course. It is there every fresh morning and every satisfied end of the day. 

By sparking your curiosity and challenging you, you continuously learn and grow. There is simply nothing better in life, than being the best you every single day.

How does it work?

  • You sign up via the form underneath

  • We have a 2-hour intake (online, if the distance is challenging (and definitely not winning!) our positive vibe), 
    in which I dig into your personal and business life, 

  • This is followed by 1, 3 or 5 days coaching per week

  • You'll receive early morning and late afternoon an interesting e-mail or Whatsapp from me

  • I do expect an answer, because I expect you to invest in yourself too 

  • That answer can be in the form of text, visuals or sound

  • You'll experience funny, mind boggling, unexpected, fascinating, moving and long awaited personal development

  • And when you're at a beach, having a holiday cocktail, you'll just be at a beach, having a holiday cocktail.

When you'd like to start off somewhat slower instead of your enthusiastic entrepreneurial head first,

check my Instagram account, send me an e-mail with your story or read some more about me.

Thanks! I have received your message and will respond as soon as possible.