While we are daily overwhelmed by many commercial expressions, the underlying message it not always crystal clear. The logo of AvH Synergie has a special message from the very first line. 


In many cultures and religions, the cranebird embodies a long and happy life. The bird symbolizes loyalty and stability. A Japanese myth tells that the legs of a cranebird grow before the wings do, stating that the bird loves the stable earth as much as his flights upwards. 


This association with stability is often combined with alertness. In many prints, the cranebird is painted standing on one leg, with a rock in the other. This rock is dropped as soon as the cranebird spots any danger, causing the surrounding cranebirds to wake up and find better grounds to live on. 


Thus, the standing version is related to alertness and stability. But as soon as a cranebird spreads his wings one believes that a cranebird draws your eyes to the sky, so you can be inspired, be warmed by the sun and to have faith in a good outcome. 

The talented Renate Rijnberg has drawn the AvH cranebird in origami lines, to give my professional craftsmanship as a executive coach a visual expression. In coaching, I work with visuals very often. Visuals give us the opportunity to really get to know you and boost your creative mind. Do you want to know more about my adventures?



The Origami Cranebird