My services come in many forms, but my approach is identical on all fronts. I do not work with a method or trick but in a natural way. I want to make a lasting change and not to the impersonal approach of a so-called methodology. Within my services there is a lot of space for interaction and self-reflection. I have a huge involvement, but also enough emotional distance to distinguish the main from the inessential, to keep you moving.

In order to continue, precise elaboration and implementation of your new wisdom is important. So we're not floating, but switching from helicopter view to real-life challenges. In a Brain Brightness session we go from getting your idea sparked exponentially to "Okay, and how to implement this outcome next week?". 

I like to share my knowledge and experiences in many forms. It's up to you which obstacle you have and what format is best for you. Would you like to start on a really intimate, safe base? You might go with the A Question A Day Coaching at first. Is there a great idea stuck, not knowing how to exploit it in real life? Then we need to go for Brain Brightness, an idea-focused service.

Keep in mind that significant life changes do not go overnight overnight. Otherwise, you would have reached them long time ago with your entrepreneurial stubornness. Even the sharpest knife can not whet itself, but is sharpened in the attentive peace of craftmanship. My knowledge and attention are yours as you choose to use it, my method is only for these stubborn, striving enterpreneurs.